The Gallery at Lorimar  

Featured Artists:


Jami Tobey - Artist

Jami Tobey


Jami Tobey’s work reveals a fascination with the natural world where sweeping brush strokes and bold swaths of color create tension, expectation and emotions that quicken the heart. From bewitching trees to swirling clouds to mystical landscapes, the paintings are narratives without beginning or end, and free of the boundaries of reality. They reveal the essence -- some would even say personalities -- of natural wonders great and small, drawing the viewer into a place where light, heat and motion all play a part of the emotional experience unraveling on the canvas. CLICK HERE to see Jami's art that is available for purchase


Bodhi Smith - Photographer

Bodhi Smith


Bodhi Smith is a free spirit and enthusiast of the outdoors....he and his dog, The Dude, are often off on an adventure in the snow atop a peak or in the narrow walls of a slot canyon looking for that peaceful easy feeling, and trying to capture it in a moment. Bodhi has amazing scenery beckon and invite him to journey to it...he is drawn to experience its essence and share its beauty with an "impression in time" thru the lens of his camera....other people who might not be able to make an adventure to the same place, but who would still love to experience its marvels at the same time, can still do so thru Bodhi's photographic images...the guy and his artwork is "simpliquely different" than everyone else.


Eric Burnett - Metal Artist

Eric Burnett

Metal Artist

Eric Burnett's work is his interpretation of reality colliding with illusion. He has been working with metal in some capacity for over ten years and in that time he has come across many trials and successes. Due to no formal training in art or metal work the vast majority of work you will see from Eric is attributed to personal experience combined with a passion to continually improve his craft. There is a lesson to be learned in every piece as they are all one of a kind works of art. In today’s modernistic fast paced world hand crafted art is a rarity, he personally hand makes every piece; "it is my testimony, my mark, and my definition of abstract design."